All Stories published by Medium Coronavirus Blog on February 02, 2021

What Happens When You Spend Over 300 Days in the Hospital With Covid-19

Nicky Woolf writes in The Atlantic about what it was like for his father to return home after being hospitalized for over 300 days with Covid-19. Woolf writes:

Dad did not “beat”…

How Soon Can You Exercise After Covid-19?

Fitness reporter Christie Aschwanden reports for Elemental that for some people with significant symptoms of Covid-19, exercise is difficult after recovery. “Despite missing data, experts agree that before returning to normal exercise after Covid-19, it’s…

A Look At The Racial Inequities in the Vaccine Rollout

As Dana G Smith writes in Momentum, data shows that in almost every state with reported vaccination rates broken down by race, Black Americans have received significantly fewer doses than White Americans. Dana writes: