Why Plastic Surgery and Botox Are Suddenly Booming

You can thank masks — and Zoom

America is having a plastic surgery and Botox bonanza, thanks to the pandemic. According to RealSelf.com, the Yelp for cosmetic procedures, “appointment bookings spiked 71% in October,” reports for Marker, and the trend is expected to continue in 2021. It’s a surprising economic indicator of how people are preparing for the possibility of IRL meetups this year as vaccines continue to be administered across the country. “The stress, inertia, and (for some) carb-heavy diet of the last year has left many feeling prematurely aged, out of shape, and saggy,” Stone writes. The result? A surge in demand for nose jobs, face-lifts, and body contouring. The uptick in plastic surgery procedures could also offer experts another data point to research as concerns grow surrounding Covid-19’s toll on mental health. The Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine journal cites the growing incidence of Zoom dysmorphia in the population, which affects the way individuals view themselves in their new virtual realities. Read more below:

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