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Delta Declares Covid “An Ordinary Seasonal Virus”

A distant plane flies overhead, leaving white trails in the blue sky.

How to live a Joyful & Fulfilled Life during the Global Pandemic

France shows that tough decisions pay off, US need to make some

Concerned about Covid-19? — Milestones and Transitions


Global Health ReportTM #3

The Latest: Can I see my friends yet?

Coronavirus SF: July 15, 2020 Update

TN — Governor Lee — from Executive Order to number 1 for new COVID cases in 16 days

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Elad Simchayoff

Elad Simchayoff

I love writing about what I love. Israeli/British. Father, husband, dog person. Support me by joining Medium via this link: https://eladsi.medium.com/membership

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What would be or will be if

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