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The Latest: You can’t rush a vaccine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The back and forth over a Covid-19 vaccine in the fall is nausea-inducing. Here’s why. Everyone wants a vaccine for Covid-19. Vaccines stop pandemics, period. There’s an election around the corner, and there are indications that the administration might try to push through a vaccine before it has finished phase 3 trials and is proven to be safe and effective. This is concerning, because it means the vaccine might not actually be ready for prime time and personal safety. The narrative around vaccines is confusing right now, but here’s the bottom line: To end the pandemic, we need a vaccine that works and we need people to get it. If a vaccine is approved and it doesn’t work (which is unlikely if the scientific process is followed, but could happen if it’s not), then Covid-19 will continue spreading. The pandemic will not end. The good news is that the world knows how to do this right. Vaccines have been studied and brought to market around the world many times. You can trust the process, but you can’t skip steps. Here’s a really good perspective on this whole thing from health care expert Andy Slavitt, and you can trust that the blog will be closely following the vaccine news. Read more.

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