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2 min readNov 13, 2020


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Cases of Covid-19 are spreading widely across the United States right as families are figuring out their Thanksgiving plans. The outlook is bleak, with some experts projecting tens of thousands of more deaths among Americans.

The situation is not good, but remember that you know how to prevent getting and spreading Covid-19, and it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Yes, this is exhausting. But the way to prevent transmission remains simple. 🚨 Keep your distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands. 🚨 Also, you should avoid activities like eating indoors at restaurants. New data suggests it’s the riskiest activity you could do right now.

Have you made your Thanksgiving plan yet? Here’s a reminder, again, to read Dana G. Smith on everything you should know about testing before seeing any family. Make a safe plan today, and stick to it.

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Here’s what we’re talking about on The Blog:

💉 If a vaccine is coming, how will it be distributed? There was some optimistic vaccine news this week, but as Gloria Oh reports, if a vaccine is authorized the drugmakers will need to lean on state governments to facilitate the final point-of-delivery and administer vaccinations to millions of Americans across the country. This will be one of the “highest stakes supply chain relay races in human history.” Read more about it here.

🦠 How America can get Covid-19 under control. Two medical experts wrote a thorough plan for how America can take back control from Covid-19. It includes things like getting ahead of PPE demand and paying restaurants, nail salons, and other small businesses to reduce their operations. Read their plan here.

😷 The case for masks gets even stronger. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have (finally) acknowledged this week that face masks protect others from getting Covid-19 and they protect those who wear them from the coronavirus, too. Read more.

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