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This week we explored some compelling and controversial strategies on the blog. We wrote about why New Zealand appears to be crushing the curve, why Sweden’s containment strategy is so contentious, and why some scientists want people to volunteer to infect themselves with the coronavirus. (Would you? I haven’t decided.) The president suggested an idea yesterday about injecting disinfectant. Do. Not. Do. That.

Since we have no solid answers (except about the dangers of injecting bleach), the only thing to do is explore options and debate approaches. As antibody testing ramps up, I recommend this story from OneZero biotech writer Emily Mullin on how “immunity passports” could create a new category of privilege.

What’s New:

  • Aid package moves forward: The House approved a $484 billion rescue package to help small businesses and hospitals. President Donald Trump is expected to sign it Friday at noon.
  • Trump’s Covid-19 treatment advice alarms experts: In a press conference, Trump suggested an idea to inject disinfectant, which angered and confused medical experts. Read more.
  • Antibody testing estimates wider spread of virus in New York: Preliminary results from a study that randomly tested 3,000 people at grocery stores in 19 counties suggests that 13.9% of people in New York have had coronavirus. Some experts are skeptical of findings and want more information about the kind of test used.
  • Job loss is skyrocketing: Another 4.4 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week.

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Powerful Perspective:

“I was scared, and I don’t get scared. Other doctors do, but not ER doctors. We don’t scare easily.” — Michele Harper, MD, “When This War Is Over, Many of Us Will Leave Medicine”

Read the full story here.

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