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The Latest: Can I see my friends yet?

Dear Reader,

Spending months under stay-at-home orders is a recipe for loneliness and restlessness. People are beginning to invite other people to their homes through what’s being called “quaranteams” or “pods.” Basically people agree to see each other in person, maybe even unmasked and indoors, but no one else.

Is it safe? The answer to that question requires an honest assessment of how well you and/or your family have been following precautions. Here’s a list of questions to consider.

What’s New:

  • CDC releases guidance for reopening: The agency has released several “decision trees” to help schools, workplaces, camps, childcare programs, mass transit systems, and bars and restaurants decide if it’s safe to reopen.
  • Mass unemployment continues: Close to 3 million people filed unemployment claims last week, bringing the total to more than 36 million Americans without jobs.

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