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A blog from Medium for Covid-19 news, advice, and commentary.

The Vaccines

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Vaccinating hospital staff reduces risk to patients

The Houston Methodist hospital system is now the first U.S. hospital to require all staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19. …

The largest study to date is more great news for pregnant people

Last week, a research team from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital published the largest study to date verifying the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy. This new study helps the 3.7 …

U.S. health officials raise concerns about the company’s latest efficacy data

In a highly unusual move, a U.S. health agency raised concerns on Tuesday that AstraZeneca had not provided the most current data about its Covid-19 vaccine in a press release it issued Monday.

In the release, which garnered excitement from public health experts, the company said its vaccine was 79%…

Families planning spring and summer travel can take steps to reduce risk, even though children can’t yet be vaccinated

As the U.S. vaccine rollout continues its slow march across the country, spring follows in its wake. That means parents are facing the arrival of spring break and, quick on its heels, the advent of summer. …

How to make sense of recent concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine

Last week, several European countries paused their use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to concerns about clotting and bleeding risks. Though the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) have both said that it is safe to use, most countries have resumed using the vaccine, and the company…

Dear Reader,

When President Joe Biden declared on his campaign trail that he would administer 100 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine in his first 100 days, I admit that I was highly skeptical. At the time, optimism seemed out of reach. But right now is a very different time…

Vaccine Roundup

A roundup of the most important Covid-19 vaccine news this week

Around the world, six vaccines have been approved for limited use and seven approved for full use. This week, China authorized a fifth vaccine from Anhui Zhifei Longcom and IMCAS.

Vaccines are being rolled out in many nations, but access to vaccines and vaccination rates continue to vary widely. Israel…

An OB-GYN reviews the latest coronavirus research for lactating people

close-up partial view of young mother breastfeeding infant baby

Many new moms and lactating people are searching for definitive answers about the Covid-19 vaccine and breastfeeding. Considering more than 3.7 million individuals give birth in the United States per year, clear evidence-based guidelines are needed as soon as possible.

Nearly 110 million doses have been administered in the United…

Enlarged nodes in an armpit may be a side effect of Covid-19 vaccination

For those of us with breast tissue, the discovery of a lump in an armpit tends to immediately raise the specter of cancer. These lumps often occur at lymph nodes, which are debris traps for lymph fluid draining from the breast and all of the things lymph carries with it…

Dear Reader,

This week, over 2 million doses were delivered each day in the United States — a record high. President Joe Biden said that there would be enough doses for all American adults by May, moving up his timeline from July. Johnson & Johnson teamed up with its longtime…

Medium Coronavirus Blog

A blog from Medium for Covid-19 news, advice, and commentary.

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