Stories Worth Reading on the Covid Crisis in India

Writers on Medium address the country’s disaster

Chandy Bee writes with a plea to acknowledge the pain that the country is experiencing:

From a few weeks before the surge became a full-blown crisis, filmmaker Anand Kamalakar wrote about the challenge of traveling back to the U.S. from India, a situation that is almost certainly harder now than when he wrote this:

Immunologist Rajyalakshmi balaji writes about the Covid-19 variants in India that are likely driving the surge:

Writer and filmmaker Raj Ajay Pandya writes about the callous approach of the Modi government in dealing with the crisis and where its priorities appear to lie:

I can relate to the anguish Ruby Verma feels at watching the disaster unfold from afar:

Finally, a fascinating analysis by @DFRLab, The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab, on how Indians have been using Twitter to coordinate resources for one another in the absence of a more robust state response:

If you’d like to help the situation in India with your dollars, consider donating to AID India:



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