“Security-wise, it’s really at the highest level.”

Covid-19 vaccine doses are the world’s hottest commodity right now. As such, the threat of theft is very real — Interpol has even issued an orange alert warning of armed robberies of vaccine shipments. Freight companies responsible for delivering doses have had to ramp up their security to the utmost degree, as Thomas Buckley at Bloomberg reports.

Delivery trucks are being equipped with digital locks, tracking technology, and alarms that sound off at 90 decibels. At one company, drivers are being trained to respond to attacks on the shipments.

One German company says all its vaccine shipments “will be tailed by a car with two plainclothes guards to protect against miscreants who might try to blast open the back doors and steal the cargo while the truck is barreling down the highway — a technique favored by Eastern European gangs and ‘that sounds a little bit like James Bond’,” as one manager from the company put it.

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