Making Sense of Time During Covid-19


As Bashar Salame writes for Elemental, some people feel like time is flying by during the pandemic, while others feel like every day lasts two weeks. Here’s why:

According to several popular theories and studies, time perception can vary depending on three factors: stress, age, and disposition. Time seemingly slows down when we’re scared, speeds up as we age, and is completely warped when we’re on vacation. This vacation time warp is what Claudia Hammond termed the holiday paradox. Hammond describes it as “the contradictory feeling that a good holiday whizzes by, yet feels long when you look back.”

Covid-19 and the ensuing pandemic have added yet another variable into the time equation, drastically altering its perception and passage for nearly everyone on the planet. For some, time feels like it’s flying by, while for others, it is dragging along. So, who’s right?

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