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  • Case count: There are over 3.3 million confirmed cases in the U.S. and over 12.9 million confirmed cases worldwide. So far over 135,200 Americans have died from Covid-19. There are surely more.
  • Trump administration criticizes Dr. Anthony Fauci: Aids sent journalists a list of things they felt the physician got wrong about the virus early on. Many have come to the physician’s defense. Read more.
  • New York reports milestone of no Covid-19 deaths: On Sunday the state reported its first day of no confirmed or probable virus deaths since the pandemic began. Read more.
  • States continue to experience surges: Multiple states are dealing with spikes in Covid-19 cases. Florida reported 15,000 in a day, a record for the country. South Carolina reported its highest single-day total of Covid-19 cases on Saturday with more than 2,200 infections. Louisiana has now closed bars due to surging cases and hospitalizations.

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Alexandra Sifferlin

Alexandra Sifferlin

Health and science journalist. Former editor of Medium’s Covid-19 Blog and deputy editor at Elemental. TIME Magazine writer before that

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