In Solidarity, Please Share Your Beautifully Mundane Thanksgiving Plans

Here’s how some people are safely celebrating their pandemic holiday

Peter Slattery
Medium Coronavirus Blog
2 min readNov 24, 2020


Credit: Say-Cheese / Getty Images

Last night, my OneZero colleague and one-time karaoke partner Will Oremus sent a tweet into the ether that resonated with me — and a lot of other people as well.

Under normal circumstances, I would soon be traveling to my Aunt Sally’s house in Peru, Indiana, to enjoy several days of engorging myself on deep fried turkey and rewatching The Godfather with beloved relatives. But with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging Americans to stay home this week, I’ve forgone those plans to do, well, just about nothing. I live by myself, so I’ll watch some football, hop on a Zoom call, and maybe make myself a pie.

The difference between my Thanksgiving agenda this year and last year is objectively depressing, but the replies to Will’s tweet point out that I’m far from alone, and there’s some comfort in that. Unlike certain opinion writers for papers of record and governors of states I live in, it’s heartening that many across the U.S. are making the difficult decision to simply stay home to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their country by social distancing this holiday season.

Plus, the thread has an added bonus of providing a bit of inspiration into good stay-at-home Thanksgiving plans. Check out some choice responses below.

Some folks are already old pros at this.

These plans sound great, and would also be fun if done in reverse order as well.

Big 2020 vibes on this one.

You had me at “drag queen sangria lesson with the in-laws.”

I initially imagined this to be a “drive-by pie delivery” in that someone is literally throwing a pie out of a moving vehicle, but it is probably not that, which is OK.

This will be chaotic without a doubt, but also amazing.

And, simply put.

So, what’s your extremely boring Thanksgiving plan this year? Drop us a comment, or give Will’s tweet a reply. Gobble gobble.