End the Foolishness Now

These people either don’t understand how Covid-19 transmission works or they don’t care.

Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images

Half the states or more are quickly growing cases and people who wear masks aren’t getting as sick. And we have some absurd stuff going on.

Let’s start with absurd. Mr. Pillow (MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell) takes an extract from the oleander plant and says with confidence he won’t get Covid-19. If you see him, stay away just in case. People visiting the White House like Father Jenkins get told if they take a quick test, they can sit elbow to elbow with others in a Rose Garden ceremony. He did. Then went back to Notre Dame with a new gift he brought to the campus. Covid.

Three Republican Minnesota Congressmen were exposed to Trump on Air Force One and then boarded a Delta flight. This is expressly against airline rules. And human rules. Emmers, Stauber, Hagedorn shame shame shame.

Scott Atlas, the White House “scientific” advisor is feeling his oats, assuring the country that “the President will recover.” If anyone would be confident enough to know, it would be him. Just the same, I would request a qualified physician if I were the president.

Scott also brazenly said “it is hard not to get the virus.” With all due respect Scott, we’re at our 15th minute. It’s been grand. Shit has been real for a long time. But now your cavalier approach to people “living” may be even less popular.

The president knew he was exposed to someone with Covid-19. What did he do? Decided to get in a helicopter and go meet with a bunch of donors at his golf course. Only when he started to feel sick, did the charade end. And information began to leak out. Why wouldn’t he get a test after Hope Hicks tested positive? He changed his tune when? When HE started to feel sick. Otherwise would fundraisers and travel have continued?

The president’s health as a human is nothing for politics. His office’s disregard for other humans? His policies which deprive the public of the same testing and masks he has access to? That’s important stuff.

There are only two possibilities. These people either don’t understand how Covid transmission works or they don’t care. There is a third possibility: They don’t care enough to bother to understand.

Half the Republican caucus and the Chair of the RNC are also sick from attending the White House event. Who wrote the White House protocol, Scott Atlas?

Note to team with the nuclear codes. Maybe get a second password. This is what happens when an administration throws out everything they inherited. By the way, this is the stuff the deep state does. It’s called expertise. It’s called preventing stupid people from ourselves.

But all these stories are about privileged people deciding to be cavalier with something they can’t see, don’t really believe, and mostly affects “other” people. What about the 43,000 other people diagnosed positive yesterday?

What about all the people with no choice because bloviating anti-maskers come near them or they are in unsafe working conditions? No, I’m not talking about Joe Biden and Chris Wallace. I’m talking about our essential workforce.

Essential workers run into people like Jenkins, Atlas, Trump, Lee, Emmers, Stauber, Hagedorn all day long. (I think his name is Pillow, right?) They go home to older parents who live with them. They work all day.

Their health is already disrespected. The president is suing to take away their care and pre-existing conditions. Wearing a mask around them just for “show.” He’s above that. What about the rest of us?

Not one more person should die from Covid. End the foolishness and make it stop.

Former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Pres. Barack Obama. https://twitter.com/ASlavitt

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