“Clearly, they seem to be more sick.”

In rare cases, kids who come down with Covid-19 develop a condition known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. The condition, as Ashley Zlatopolsky wrote in Elemental last year, causes organs and tissues to become severely inflamed, and neurological symptoms like headaches, muscle weakness, and impaired reflexes have been known to follow.

As science journalist Pam Belluck writes in the New York Times, doctors across the country are seeing more kids with MIS-C, and more of them seem to be critically ill. Experts maintain that the condition is rare and that most kids survive and are “relatively healthy” by the time they leave the hospital. Still, it’s unknown whether they will experience any lingering effects.

“We really don’t know what will happen in the long term,” said Jean Ballweg, MD, one expert Belluck interviewed.

Read more in the New York Times:




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