Class Struggles, Easier Breathing, and Pro Wrestling

A roundup of stories we’re reading about Covid-19 today

  • In The Atlantic, Olga Khazan documents the early days of a new, post-Covid working class — but it remains to be seen whether these populists will swing left or right. “Which path we go down depends, first, on whom workers brand as the ‘elites,’” she writes.
  • Doctors treating people with Covid-19 have made a game-changing discovery, reports CNN. Putting people in the prone position (flat on their stomachs) increases the amount…




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Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine is 100% effective at preventing death:

Current Affairs in Short: 9 April 2021

Godrej Serenity Sohna

Godrej Serenity Sohna

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Yasmin Tayag

Yasmin Tayag

Editor, Medium Coronavirus Blog. Senior editor at Future Human by OneZero. Previously: science at Inverse, genetics at NYU.

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