Can Someone Who Gets Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Still Transmit the Disease?

Elemental published an extremely thorough guide to the Covid-19 vaccine, answering every possible question. The FAQ will be updated and added to as the vaccine process continues. The Blog will be featuring a few questions throughout the month.

Could someone who gets vaccinated against Covid-19 still transmit the disease to someone else?

This is one of the big questions researchers are trying to learn about the vaccines. Even if a vaccine prevents Covid-19 disease, it might still be possible for the virus to enter a vaccinated person, begin replicating, and then be passed on to someone else without the person ever knowing or developing symptoms. The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is a classic example of this phenomenon. Scientists don’t yet know if any of the Covid-19 vaccines prevent transmission, but all the trials include mechanisms to investigate whether they do.

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