Be Afraid of Covid-19

After 210,000 deaths and becoming infected, Trump finally understands Covid-19?

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump’s closing argument: “Don’t be afraid of COVID.”

Now that Trump is an expert on Covid-19 — not the book-learning kind you get by reading the reports that have been presented to him for months on end — but the kind of REAL education people get — he has an inescapable conclusion.

There’s a million people worldwide, many of whom presented exactly the way Trump presented and who died. Those other million people who didn’t have dozens of doctors, an arsenal of drugs, including a compassionate-use cocktail not available to anyone. Or a helicopter.

“Don’t be afraid” also means don’t be afraid to infect other people — to knowingly travel and campaign and ride with Secret Service agents. So far, at least 30 people have been infected in this debacle.

At some point, the lying White House will not have a choice but that the tick-tock will come out of when they knew and when Trump knew he had been exposed to someone with Covid-19. The answer won’t be pretty.

This “why should you worry when I don’t” theme plays throughout his presidency. Let someone sue to take away his health care and see how he likes it.

Despite no need to worry, the rest of the country doesn’t have it so good. Covid-19 hospitalizations are climbing. Every time that happens, death counts go up. But there’s nothing to worry about, Trump assures us.

Maybe he still thinks his words still mean anything to people. Yes, there are maskless freedom prayer chains that wish him good health, but few people take their word from him. Only 28% think he wasn’t taking appropriate precautions with himself. And that’s somebody he loves! Wait until you see how he treats you.

People don’t care about Trump as much as they do his ability to appoint someone to the Supreme Court who believes ALL white people and corporations should vote and life begins when Mike Pence is in the same room with a woman.

The lifetime appointment of a Supreme Court justice is supposed to have a hearing with the handful of GOP Senators who don’t have Covid-19. Let’s discuss that. The Senate Republicans can’t find time to renew unemployment or wear a mask at an indoor party, but they will walk over dead essential workers to vote on Barrett.

Ron Johnson has said he will come to the Senate floor to vote on Amy Barrett despite having Covid-19, endangering his fellow senators. Thank you. Nice try, Ron, but even with that, Tom Cotton is still a bigger ass.

Having a hearing on Zoom? Are you kidding. Want to find out if Barrett will agree to cast a deciding vote from Trump, and she replies on mute? It’s a filibuster dream.

If Barrett has any honor, she will ask for her hearing to be postponed so it can done properly. In person. Without Mike Lee coughing all over.

“How do people get this? I don’t believe it’s contagious!” And she’s yelling back: “My whole family has had it. And is that wintergreen or peppermint toothpaste you use, Senator?!”

Yes, AFTER 210,000 deaths and AFTER becoming a walking hot spot, Trump says he now understands Covid-19.

Four years ago, not far from this time, Trump bragged how he could just grab women by the crotch. Now he’s putting people’s lives at risk and telling people not to worry as the death toll climbs and climbs on his watch.

This is pulled and lightly edited from my October 5 Twitter thread.

Former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Pres. Barack Obama.

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