Answers to All Your Questions About Covid-19 Vaccines

Today Elemental published a massive FAQ about Covid-19 vaccines compiled by science writer Tara Haelle. It’s an extensive overview on the latest science of the various vaccines that might soon be available. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: If the two mRNA vaccines get approved, why would we need so many other vaccines?

Right now, we don’t know how many vaccines we will ultimately end up with, but [Saad Omer, PhD, MBBS, director of the Yale Institute for Global Health,] hopes it will be at least three or four.

“When you deploy a new vaccine, you want to make sure you hedge your bets,” he said. “In case you discover something in post-marketing surveillance, if you have to pull one from the market, you still have others. It’s too important to be a one-vaccine market.”

It’s also particularly important to have different options in a diverse population. “We may learn that certain types of vaccines are better in certain populations,” [William Moss, MD, executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center] said.

Read the full Q&A below.




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