A Vaccine Distribution Plan That Could Actually Work

As Benjamin Renton writes for Elemental, the United States’ vaccination rollout could be better, and Renton is hopeful improvements will happen with the new White House leadership. He writes:

As the Biden-Harris administration begins to take control of the nation’s pandemic response, I am incredibly optimistic about its vaccination plan, which aims to create federally supported vaccination centers and utilize other models to reach vulnerable communities. I am confident that the administration will rise to the challenge and harness the power of the federal government to keep the American public safe. The suggestions I have outlined here represent a small portion of a complete governmental response to an immense health crisis.

Renton argues that a plan to vaccinate more people needs to take into account breadth, depth, and equity, “all aiming to increase the number of opportunities (locations and times) that Americans can be vaccinated.” Read the full story below.



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