4 Stories for Understanding the Latest Covid-19 Science

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Society has reached a unique point in the pandemic. Cases continue to rise to concerning levels. New vaccines are being distributed and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. On the Blog, we like to highlight interesting writing and thinking on the science of the virus, and below are four stories on our radar. Check them out below:

“I recently wrote a book about Covid-19 in six weeks. I could do that partly because I have, in a way, been covering this pandemic since the 1990s — when scientists started predicting this would happen,” writes journalist Debora MacKenzie. In her recent article for Ensia, MacKenzie details the many ways in which experts have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic and why it’s likely similar, if not more virulent, viruses could emerge in the future. How do we prepare?

Shin Jie Yong, who regularly covers new Covid-19 research, has an interesting breakdown of a new study from researchers in China who found that people who do not get adequate sleep and exercise tended to fare worse during the pandemic. The findings underscore that movement and sleep are important for overall health.

Walter Harrington is a virologist who also happens to lean more politically conservative. He shares several strong reasons why he will be getting the Covid-19 vaccine, including the fact that the effectiveness data is very strong and that a vaccine will help people reclaim their social lives.

Chana Davis, PhD, a genetics scientist, has written a thorough piece explaining the Covid-19 vaccine timeline and why a fast vaccine does not mean a risky vaccine. “Covid-19 vaccines are required to clear all the same hurdles as past vaccines in order to gain regulatory approval,” she writes. “Their compressed timelines do not reflect less rigorous testing; they reflect the fact that Covid-19 vaccine development was an “all hands on deck” global priority. Read her full explainer below.



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Coronavirus Blog Team

Coronavirus Blog Team


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